Spiders and civil servants


What have a spider and a civil servant in common? In our country it has to do with the Chlorophytum which in English is called, among other names, ‘spider plant’. In Holland we gave it the name, jokingly of course, of ‘civil servant’s grass’.

The thing is that this plant can be found in every official building and needs very little care, it grows in spite of the neglect civil servants are notorious for, at least over here.

Don’t worry, this specimen is well taken care off, as it lives in our living room. One late afternoon we were having tea and because the sun was shining a little too bright, the curtains were closed. Suddenly I noticed the shadow of the plant and did not hesitate one second.

A domestic scene for Mundane Monday.

9 thoughts on “Spiders and civil servants

  1. Interesting to see its called civil servant.
    You’ve reminded me that I photographed a bright green plastic one on a wall outside someone’s door in Malta. Must dig out that picture.
    It is good to read about little things like this that are different in different countries.

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