Fast food window


Automats are everywhere over here, especially in the bigger cities. Most of them are part of a chain, the one trying to be cheaper than the other. You always know which one you approach according to the colour of the litter left on the ground by the customers.

In my hometown we also have a couple of these snack counters with their vending machines. The one on the photo offers croquettes, two for the price of one. This seems generous, but believe me, they are smaller and/or of inferior quality (where is the meat?) than the rolls you normally get in a restaurant.

Nevertheless, they make my mouth water, although I seldom give in to the temptation. Instead I have taken this picture, because I realized the slots were windows, small shop windows (Monday Window!). The light blue on both sides is me, the face is a bit blurred by the thick glass, alas.





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