Castle doors

IMG_1595 (1)

The castle of Talamanca (Bages, Catalonia) is situated on the north side of the natural park Sant Llorenç del Munt. A privileged site with a splendid view on Montserrat.

The first written proof of its existence dates from 967, when it appears in the testament of Viscount Ramon Folc. The building forms part of the network of castles along the constantly changing border between Christian and Moorish territories. On the highest tower of a castle, the torre de l’homenatge, you could see the towers of the neighbour and that was the place where communication took place. In that time this meant sign language with flags, mirrors or torches.

For Catalans the castle of Talamanca is the scene of an heroic battle against the Spanish troops during the War of the Spanish Succession (1701-1714). That this ended in defeat only enhances its significance for the region.

These photos were taken last year during a guided tour. It was around noon, so the light was not ideal. When I started experimenting with black & white, the pictures reminded me of old movies like El Cid. After some research this turns out to be a natural association, as Ramon Folc has fought against him. So b&w seems to me the right ambiance for this delightful castle.

For more interesting doors, visit Norm’s Thursday Doors.


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