Shower mat


Since my husband had this stupid speedboat accident and broke a vertebra, he cannot step into our small bath cum shower. The only way for him to take a shower is to stand in the middle of the also small bathroom with me cleaning up after him.

One morning last week the sun was shining and throwing a soft light through the window. Having in the back of my mind a warning system for Mundane Monday photos, I got down on my knees and took some pictures. I found the result quite surprising. My husband chose this one as his favorite because of the light and the little pools of water.


7 thoughts on “Shower mat

  1. I hope your husband recovers well and fast. A friend of mine had to stand or lie down for a year to heal from a similar fracture. And she had to travel back and forth from school and home by air several times a year. She’s fine now but it was scary for a minute. My prayers are with your family as well for their continued health and well being.


    • Thank you for your kind words. My husband also has to lie down or walk around. I won’t tell him about the time span of a year your friend needed, because it is nearly three months now and although the recovery is right on schedule, he is kind of despairing about the time this is taking. He misses his canoeing, gardening, cycling and hiking with me, etc. Well, we will get there in the end and thank you for your prayers.

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  2. Sorry to hear about the accident. Hope he gets well real soon.
    The picture is absolutely perfect for this challenge. It is an awesome find. The angle is great. There are patterns and leading lines. This is a great MMC capture.

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    • Thank you for your best wishes and your comment on my photo. My husband will get well in the end, but it can take a long time. So at the moment patience and good spirits are needed.
      I was happy to see the photographic potential of the mat. It is funny that after taking photos like these, the objects will never be the same again. More beautiful.

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