Bikes in red and white


Whenever I go into town by bike (the alternative is walking), I park mine in a garage in the centre. The last time I was there, I spotted these bikes which sort of complemented each other.

The scene caught my eye, as the only colours were red and white. The upper bike had been there for quite sometime, but the other one was new. And out came the camera to capture this unique occasion.

4 thoughts on “Bikes in red and white

  1. I love it! A parking garage for bikes. I don’t think we have them in the U.S., or if we do, then I’ve never heard of them.


    • Thank you so much! This means a lot to me, as I am still finding my way with photography and it is great when people like you appreciate my experiments.
      After reading some of your posts I think we have in common the quality of not being a quitter. I too had some setbacks in life, but always tried to find a way out. On my desk I have a tumbler, present of my husband: when I get pushed over, I right myself afterwards, just like him. And you are doing great!


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