Viewing Deception


Yesterday I visited the Huis van Gijn, my favourite museum in Dordrecht to see an exhibition of political cartoons around the emperor Napoleon. Some of them were very daring and I wondered if their publication would have been possible nowadays.

The nineteenth century garden is lovely and I always pay it a visit whenever I am in the neighbourhood. This time I was surprised by Viewing Deception, work by the Belarusian artist Anatoly Zhuravlev and part of the bigger exhibition Glass Fever showing contemporary art in glass.

This art work consists of glass discs dangling on wires fastened in a tree. As the usual wind was blowing lightly, the discs moved graciously and presented us with nice reflections. The specimen on the photo showed a warped image of the laburnum (golden rain) behind it. After a bit of patience and quite a number of failed pictures I finally could capture the effect.

In response to SL-Week 44: Reflection.



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