A bouquet of wild flowers


This month of May I have been picking wild flowers wherever I went. Today I offer you my bouquet of pink, blue, yellow and white flowers.

Some I know by name, such as comfrey, yellow iris, bluebells and dog-rose (if I’m correct).  Maybe you can help me with the other names. I especially would like to know something about the small blue flowers that are the last ones in this bunch. Never saw them before, but then again, maybe I never looked right.

These photos are inspired by Jude’s Garden Challenge for May: wild flowers. Have a look at her page full of fabulous photos!


6 thoughts on “A bouquet of wild flowers

    • I have been looking into speedwell and I think you are right. The Dutch name ‘Ereprijs’ (literally ‘Prize of honor’) was familiar to me, but now I know which plant is connected with that name. Thank you too for the suggestion of rugosa. It seems to be an invasive species in some areas and even seen as a noxious weed in the USA. I have spotted it in a green space along the motorway and think I should return to capture the hips later on.

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  1. The one at the top is red campion and the little blue one does look like speedwell – very tiny flower? The irises are a delight in the reflection. I have some yellow irises just about to open. Can’t wait to see them. Having a garden again is like having Christmas every day!

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    • Ha, I’m learning botany as well as photography with this hobby. Thank you for solving the riddle of the red campion, so that I could easily find the Dutch name. The speedwell indeed were very tiny flowers. I almost missed them, but I was looking down to see if some interesting wild flowers would catch my eye. And there they were! Of course I expect another of your stunning photos, this time of your irises one of these days. Here it has been raining frequently after a dry spell, so the garden has exploded!

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