Old Vic window


Vic, about 70 kilometers north of Barcelona, is a beautiful old city full of monuments and surprising squares. I love to wander through its narrow streets and admire the tall façades that reflect the various architectural tastes over the centuries.

Some details are easy to miss, like this window. In this case you have to ignore the boring wall and look up. Then you will see this beauty, although it is somewhat dilapidated. It had recently been raining, so the roofing tiles are still wet which provides a nice reflection of the sunlight. I find the decoration tiles charming, but all in all I cannot put a name to this architectural style.

Never mind, it makes a fine Monday Window. Go and have a look at Ludwig’s site for more surprising specimens.


6 thoughts on “Old Vic window

  1. It is indeed a charmer! I remember those kind of tiles from my childhood days. A relative took me along on a trip to a roof tile factory. What fascinated me most was the wire cutter that made the hooks at the back of the tiles.


  2. Thank you for your comment and the inside information. I had wondered how it was possible that the tiles stayed put, because their form is quite different from our tiles that do not follow down thanks to their form (sort of puzzle pieces that stick together). These tiles probably also have hooks or something similar.


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