Cologne vase


This scene captured at the back of our garden symbolizes for me a couple of important things.

First the vase of Cologne ware, as we call it over here. My mother loved it, because it had belonged to her mother. In my turn I cherish it and gave it a prominent place in our garden. From our living room we have a good view at it.

The bench is a perfect place to rest. When the sun is hot, it is a cool spot as the pear tree casts its shadows over the bench in the afternoon. Great to sit here and read. Well, I catch myself gazing out over the garden every other minute.

My contribution for this week’s Mundane Monday. Visit this blog and you will see more beautiful every day objects.


10 thoughts on “Cologne vase

  1. I am glad you like it. Funny that something like intuition must be playing a part in (at least in my case) focussing on the scene, as I only later saw the match you are referring to.


    • Thank you, Julia. This was in autumn towards the end of the afternoon. Sometimes I just sit and watch the light which can be very beautiful, playing through the plants for example.


  2. The matching swirls on vase and shadow caught my eye. I guess you registered the pattern unconsciously when you took the picture. A lovely image that’s simple at first glance but draws you back for a second look.


  3. Thank you for your comment, Judith. You word exactly how I feel about this photo, I keep looking at it although it is not something like an awesome landscape. Somehow it gives me a peaceful feeling. Glad you saw something special in it too and shared it with us, thanks!


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