When I read that this week’s theme of Hugh’s Weekly Photo Challenge was ‘distance’, I decided to dive into my archive and see what I could come up with and finally participate in Hugh’s challenge.

This photo taken on a small station of a nearby village, was one of those pictures that I almost deleted, because it did not seem very interesting. But then I considered that maybe it fitted well this theme, as the lines were leading my eyes into the distance. In this case towards my hometown which is not visible but it is there, in the distance.

This time I did not hop on the train, but was biding my time in the village, as our car was being revised at the garage round the corner. Nice opportunity to take some pictures, like ‘The view on the bridge‘ and this one.


8 thoughts on “Distance

    • Thank you, Jude. The funny thing is that first I didn’t see anything in the photo. Then the ‘distance’ theme came along and I started to fiddle with the colours as the original ones were rather bleak. When I saw the b&w photo, I began to like it. 😉

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      • Sometimes it happens like that. I have almost discarded images that are out of focus or not sharp enough, but fiddling with an art effect can often produce an image that I like. B&W often changes the whole dynamics of a photo.

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    • Thank you, Hugh, for the challenge. It is a great incentive to look twice at my photos and to go out and try to find a scene I can use for the current theme. Hope to be back with a new photo for the next challenge.

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