Salvaged bike


After having taken various pictures of discarded bikes lying in a ditch, I decided to give it a skip when I saw another one barely visible in the water: too sad.

A few days later someone had salvaged the bike and put it against a tree. The marks of its stay underwater were clearly visible and gave it a veteran look. I jumped off my bike (I seem to do a lot of jumping of my bike these days) and took some photos.

I liked this one most, as it shows the bike as well the park nearby my home. The motorway behind it is barely visible, as I waited for a second without cars.


2 thoughts on “Salvaged bike

  1. You’re right, sometimes people ask me what I am looking at when I take a photo. A few days ago I took a picture through the window of the cinema because I saw a nice gable. Then a woman looked too, but didn’t see anything worthwhile and asked me if anything was happening. To be honest, if I was not mad about photography, I probably would have been annoyed to see such a wreck of a bike parked on the road side.


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