Workmen’s door


Rellinars (Vallès Occidental, Catalonia) is an ordinary village with one big advantage: its position on the border of the Natural Park of Sant Llorenç del Munt i l’Obac. Many itineraries cross the park, as does the Dry Stone Route that parts from the village.

This path guides the hiker along a series of workmen’s huts used by men working in the vineyards around the village in the 19th century. In those days winegrowing lived its heyday, so that more and more plantations were created, each time a bit further removed from the small town. The huts were erected to store the equipment during the night and served as a shelter for the labourers in case of bad weather or just to eat their daily bread.

The slopes were leveled to lay out the vineyards, while the superfluous rocks were reused to build the huts. Preparing mortar was too complicated in this far away place, so they resorted to the dry stone method (below a more detailed picture), as they had done during many centuries.

A large number of huts remain, like this one called the Hut of Pere Baqué. It was great to see how it was constructed with such simple means and the interior made me think of the men that had dwelled here. Of course it held a small statue of the Virgin of Montserrat, the Patron Saint of Catalonia. Whether it was old or new, to me it did not matter. I thought it was a moving remnant of a not so distant past.

This week’s contribution to Thursday Doors. Do go visit this site t see other interesting doors.

15 thoughts on “Workmen’s door

    • Thank you, Suvi. Your Tallin doors are interesting too and I see that you also love to do some research. It’s great, isn’t it, because in this way they can tell us so much more and somehow become a little familiar.

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  1. Thanks, Sherry. The huts were a great find. Sadly some of them were partly overgrown, but there are people in the village trying to restore them. So hopefully things are better in the near future.


  2. This is a wonderful door, Marga. And how exciting to se this in real life. Catalonia is sounding worth a visit outwith my planned trip to Barcelona. I did visit Montserrat 14 years ago and loved it.


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