View from the castle


My mother was born in the village of Vorden in the eastern part of the country. Till I was sixteen we stayed with our grandparents every summer holiday and often with Christmas too. Whenever there was a wedding anniversary (as was the custom in the village, it had to be a big party), we made an extra trip to take part in the festivities. So my sister and I know the village, its inhabitants and surroundings rather well.

Last year the two of us decided to walk down memory lane and spend some days in the village looking at all the familiar places. Vorden is known as the village with the eight castles, some of them are actually mansions, but grand nevertheless.

The ‘House of Vorden’, first documented in 1315, is situated on the outskirts and has been used as town hall for quite some time. Now it is a private home that is open to the public during some hours a day as well as for weddings.

Curious as we both are, we visited the castle we had seen from the outside so many times and met the owner, a colourful lady. The window with the window-seat (literally) shows the view on the bridge and the park. It was winter, therefore nature is looking rather bleak.

As we enjoyed our visit to the village so much, we think of repeating the trip some time this year. Hopefully I can share a couple of other photos with you later on.

My contribution to Monday Window.

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