Once a year, the first weekend in September, many monuments in Holland open their doors for the general public, entrance free (which is an important issue for the Dutch). So we can enter public and private museums, houses and the like to have a look inside, often with a guided tour.

For me visiting museums is great, but the best part are the private houses where you are allowed to see all the rooms, well, at least the ones opened up by the owners. I shamelessly cross every possible threshold and sometimes try to peep into spaces not exactly meant for strange eyes. Curious me!

The pig forms part of a series of statues in an inner court belonging to one of the houses where an ensemble played classical music. He is looking at me somewhat suspiciously not trusting my intentions. But he is still alive and we parted as friends, I can assure you.

Just the photo for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge Week 20.


3 thoughts on “Oink!

  1. Perfect! When I saw the pig, I had to laugh too, because it is so unlike all the other statues you normally see on these old buildings. There is one more photo I took in that court that I will post later on, not as funny as this one, but certainly worth a post.


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