Over the years I have grown many hollyhocks (Alcea rosea) in our garden. They self-seed tremendously, so once you start planting them, you are never short of their lovely colours.

However, in our garden for some reason they turn to a shade of pink sooner or later. Sometimes when I see a different colour during our daily evening walk through the neighbourhood, I kindly ask for a couple of seeds in order to have some variety of tones.

Once I had this very dark purple, almost black, but after some years that one too had turned pinkish. Could it be the work of bees, is it the heavy clay or is there another reason?

This photo shows one of my favourites. Although it depicts one and a half flower, I guess (hope) it still qualifies for Cee’s Single Flower Challenge. Go and have a look at that page for many more beauties.

4 thoughts on “Hollyhock

  1. I too grew up with Hollyhocks.. I have had many gardens, and for some reason, they just don’t stay, one season, maybe two and then.. none. so I enjoyed seeing yours.


  2. Great that you liked the hollyhock photo. It’s strange yours seem to disappear not to return, while in our garden, even if we would want to get rid of them, we could not. Which kind of plants do you like to grow as a rule?


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