Stationery shop revisited


One of the inconspicuous streets in the centre gives a somewhat sad, neglected impression. Clearly the town council thought so too, because of late old photos of nearby buildings framed in the ugly windows began to appear.

The photos of course are in black and white, not very cheerful in a dark alley, but I love them anyway. For Thursday Doors I captured this one, as it has double doors. The shop in the picture sold and still sells (see the photo below) office equipment and stationery, the first address everyone goes to in case we need a stylish fountain pen, a solid writing pad or a reliable desk chair.

Today’s shop answers to all the modern requirements, but my romantic soul prefers the small scale and friendly atmosphere of the old one.


11 thoughts on “Stationery shop revisited

    • Yes, it is a good initiative. There are also two foundations that study the history of old Dordrecht. Their archives are available online, so it is fun to go and have a look, especially to see what our neighbourhood looked like in former days. Do you know if anything like this exists in your hometown?


  1. The old photo kind of intrigues me, what is happening with the pavement? Is it being pulled up or laid down and the second man look as though he is just about to topple over. Quite a story could be imagined!!!


    • You’re right, you could make a story out of the photo (I see that you like to think about this just as I always do). Well, I suppose the pavement is laid down better or maybe there have been some sewerage works and the pavement needs to be replaced. It is a bit funny to take a picture like this as part of a publicity campaign, so it could be that the men are looking at the progress of the work and that this photo is part of a journalistic series.
      Now you got me intrigued too. There is an archive online of photos of old Dordrecht, so just maybe I have a look to see if I can unearth more information. If anything interesting turns up, I’ll let you know.


    • Thanks, Norman. I immediately thought of Thursday Doors when I spotted the combination of door and photo (and smiled!). And yes, you’re right, the first one is better in black and white, because of the old photo.

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