The soil on the island of Dordrecht consists of clay, heavy clay: very fertile, but hard to till. Late winter or early spring the farmers begin to prepare their land for the raising of the next crops.

Gathering from the presence of big chunks of clay, I presume the farmer of this patch has recently been plowing. He will have to do a bit more plowing and harrowing, before he can begin to sow the seeds. It is a dark, grey day and rain has been announced, so working the land with the machinery is going to be somewhat complicated.

This is what the earth of a polder in the Netherlands looks like. Our garden has the same heavy clay, which means that plants thrive but just imagine the work that has to be done before the planting…

4 thoughts on “Clay

  1. Over the years we have tried to add other kinds of soil to the clay, but somehow after a year or so the rain had washed it all down and only the clay remained. Good luck with your garden soil!


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