The power station and the mill


The neighbor of the power station turned into cultural centre is the only flour mill left in Dordrecht ‘Kijck over den Dijck’ (‘View over the Dyke’). It was built in 1713 on the spot where a wooden mill used to be, the old gable is placed above the present entrance.

The history of the mill is quite dramatic, but with a happy ending. It was restored in 2001 and got its full glory back. Five millers and some thirty volunteers keep the mill working, its various products can be bought in the shop on the ground floor.

On the photo you see the reflection of the mill in a window of the power station where some kids are busy doing some manual labor in the library. Below you see the ‘original’ mill.

My contribution to Monday Window.


8 thoughts on “The power station and the mill

    • Thanks, Vicky. It took me several shots before I was satisfied. And of course, after some minutes the kids spotted me and were making funny faces at me. Then I walked around the block and caught them again, this time unawares.

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  1. Thank you, Ludwig. It really is a nice place with lots of cultural activities, courses, concert halls, and a restaurant. The mill has guided tours every now and then. I have done one and it was interesting to see the millers at work. But then you have to be aware of the sail arms though!


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