Pottery in the rain


During the rummage sale where I found the candles and the shoes, rain was coming down frequently. Annoying, but it also gave me the unique opportunity to capture some pottery embellished with raindrops. Not a normal sight, at least not in our kitchen…

My first contribution to Mundane Monday.

17 thoughts on “Pottery in the rain

  1. Thank you, Georgie. This challenge really opens my eyes for the things in and around my home that you normally pass by or use without thinking. And you, have you arrived safe and sound in Greece?


  2. was the rain falling on the lids creating a musical sound? some lids will play like a ancient singing bowls =^_^=
    I now have several lids collected, looking very “different” in my cabinet, not for their usefulness, but for their musical abilities

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  3. Ah, I have never thought of buying bowls for other reasons than the practical ones. Maybe next time we buy something like that we have to test them on sounds. Actually I did not hear the rain fall on the lids, but I did hear it on the blue canvases people used to cover their objects from the rain. I liked that sound.


    • Thank you, Helen. I was delighted to come across this pottery after the shower. Making the photo totally monochrome seemed the most logical after having done some experiments.


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