A good laugh over candles


Last Saturday the youth division of our local football club organized a rummage sale in order to make money for their social activities. As the event took place round the corner, it seemed a perfect opportunity to go for another photo shoot.

Some people had hired real stalls, others only a hideous blue canvas on which they exposed their stuff. I immediately spotted these four candles and tried different points of view to get a good shot at them. The ladies at the stall laughed their heads off, hidden behind a curtain, but I saw them anyway. When I turned to visit another booth, I overheard the women saying they wondered what that silly woman could possibly see in the ugly old candles they wanted to get rid off.

I went back to them (once a teacher, always a teacher, they say) and told them about that French photographer Sylvain Landry who had challenged us to capture candles, and explained that for quite some time I had desperately been looking for different specimens than the white ones we had at home. I added that I especially liked the yellow shades of the candle and the red shade of the fabric on the right being reflected in the pink one.

The ladies stared at me as if they thought me weirder by the minute, but were prepared to have another look at their candles. They admitted, although not wholeheartedly, that maybe it could make a nice photo. I don’t think they were convinced, but they had had their laugh and I smiled, because I finally had my candle photo!

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