Beaver doors


Welcome to our beaver lodge! Above you see one of our two homes. This one was built by the people of the National Park de Biesbosch, very nice, but not enough for us. That is why we built a second one with the branches we collected glued together with water plants and mud. In both homes there is an opening in the roof to let in some fresh air.

In the big lodge we get a lot of visitors who can see what we are doing during the day. They probably get bored soon, because that is the time we normally sleep! The good news is that two webcams were installed and videos can be watched here.

Formerly our forefathers used to live in the Biesbosch, but they went to look for better places some decades ago, because the rivers were too filthy. Recently our lot has been reintroduced here and the family is thriving: now there are more than 200 beavers and about 100 lodges. So if you hire a canoe and keep very silent, it is possible to see one of us swimming in the creeks. Taking photos is permitted, but be quick, we’re gone in a minute!

Below you can see more details of our big lodge and the self-built one where the tortoises keep us company. If you like the pictures, why don’t you come and meet us in person, eh, in beaver. The door is always open!


11 thoughts on “Beaver doors

    • Thank you for your comment. It indeed is an interesting place, near the information centre and the boathouse I showed you before. Moreover you can take boat tours through the creeks where guides take you on nature walks you cannot reach by land. Great the whole year round.

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    • Thanks, Janet. Maybe you can imagine my smile when I realized that the lodge (where I have been a dozen times before) had doors that I could photograph! I enjoyed myself immensely exploring the place and looking at it with new eyes and a camera in my hand.


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