Sustainable doors


Opposite the old houseboat I showed you a couple of days ago lie these doors of the information centre of the nearby National Park De Biesbosch. The lower door is somewhat hidden, but it is there! I love the elegant spiral staircase and the shadow it casts on the wall.

The whole building is environmentally sound, as it has been constructed out of sustainable material, uses rain water for the toilets and gets its energy from solar panels. The wood used for the walls is European hardwood and the roof boasts an exuberant growth of succulents, mosses and other plants. It blends perfectly with the surrounding nature.

Via an opening on the other side of the building bees enter a perspex tunnel to deposit their honey in a beehive inside. In this way visitors can follow the whole process. The temporary exhibitions are very informative. Right now they have a photo exhibition, so very soon I will step on my bike and let me be inspired by an interesting photographer.

My contribution of this week to Norm’s Thursday Doors. Go and have a look for more great doors.


15 thoughts on “Sustainable doors

    • Thank you, Judy. And unusual doors is exactly what I am looking for. They are not always easy to find, but Thursday Doors trains my eye and I see more than I used to.
      I visited your blog (hit the ‘follow’ button) and loved the photo of the sunrise. Your house looks gorgeous too, a bit like our dream house.


      • I guess it is my dream house, Marga. I’d never thought of that. Both my mother and my husband’s mother died in the months before we came to Mexico and left us the exact amount this house cost. It seemed preordained. Then my husband died before we could move into it. I guess in a way this house is a memorial to them all, and one day my husband’s kids will inherit it. In the meantime, it is my large canvas. What you say about training your eye is exactly how I feel. Thanks to Hugh and Cee and all of those “prompters” who encourage us. I hope you keep walking through the gate of my blog. I’ve come to love this circle of friends here with our glimpses into eachothers’ lives.

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      • I think you very brave to have gone ahead with the project of your Mexican house and I admire your resilience. So nice to meet you, Judy, and I will sure come back to your blog whenever I can.
        From your recent posts I liked the ‘I remember’ part very much. And another thing, I am curious to know more about the local reading series you are coordinating. But maybe you already published an earlier post about it. Have a nice weekend!

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      • Marga, it was called “Squeaky Wheels” and was held at a local gallery/cafe named “La Rueda” which means “wheel” in Spanish. Unfortunately, La Rueda closed down last year and so the reading series did as well. It lasted for over a year and was very special. We all enjoyed it a lot, but it was also surprisingly time-consuming so I decided not to continue it in another venue. Instead I’ve been planning a summer camp for kids and sponsoring a dance class for girls and working in fundraising to send a little local girl to music camp in the states this summer. There are so many activities here for adults that creating outlet for kids seems like a good use of one’s time. You can see last summer’s camp by searching for “Camp Estrella” on my blog. I’ll try to find the URL for you. Thanks for commenting and reading! I do hope you come back… Judy


      • ‘Squeaky Wheels’ sounds like a interesting project, a pity it stopped. I have been a teacher Spanish for some 25 years, so I know exactly how much work it costs to prepare it, etc. I will look for ‘Camp Estrella’; I think you are doing a great job with all those projects for kids. Very worthwhile!


    • Yes, I think you would like the place. They organize a lot of activities, amongst others guided excursions in electric boats (it is a wetland) taking you to the spots you cannot reach walking or cycling. Next Thursday I will show some more doors which belong to another feature. So stay tuned!


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