Abstract architecture


Whenever I walk through the centre of my hometown, I cannot resist taking pictures of the reflections of objects or buildings in the water. And water we have in abundance. Dordrecht actually is an island situated between three wide rivers. Moreover, the town itself is criss-crossed with canals. Paradise for reflection lovers like me.

This photo was taken of the canal that is running underneath the town hall. The façade with the small tower gives funny distortions in the water. To me it is just like an abstract painting by Dalí or similar artists. The blue sky (not today, alas) accentuates the white building.

5 thoughts on “Abstract architecture

    • Thank you for your comment! One of the good things about those challenges is that I look at my own photos in a different way and see them in a new light. I took this photo last summer, but only now I have realized that it is just like an abstract painting.

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      • I know when you have lots of pictures it’s a bonus. I try to hunt from existing ones too. sometimes I’m lucky! 🙂
        Surely it keeps your creative juices flowing.

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