Boat window


IMG_2497 (1)

Houseboat of seasonal workers in osier beds

Next to the information centre of the nearby National Park De Biesbosch, a fabulous wetland, an old houseboat has been ‘parked’ that was formerly used by the seasonal workers in the osier beds who pollarded willows and cutted reed. As they could not return home every evening, they stayed in small huts or houseboats.

Now few wickerwork is being done and therefore the profession of osier worker has almost died out. That is why the huts and boats are no longer needed and currently are used for educational reasons.

For photographers the boats are rewarding objects, especially when they are so nicely placed under the trees and have that mossy touch. By the way, the workmen were instructed to leave the cobwebs in the windows, because they prevented the mosquitos sneaking into their sleeping quarters!

My entry for Monday Window for this week.

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