Friday people


One of my personal challenges is capturing people. That is why I have decided to begin at the market, a place where lots of people are walking around being busy with all kinds of activities. A few weeks ago I spotted a bench from where I could take my shots rather unnoticed. Needless to say that I hugely enjoyed myself.

On the first photo you see three Turkish men who had been talking together. One of them has moved away a bit to count the money in his wallet. The second photo below shows a couple, probably tourists, who just bought some nuts from the stall behind them and now are consulting their map. The ubiquitous dove, the clients and the booth holder complete the picture.



Later on I decided to register the Orange Fever that is threatening our country at the moment (I will show you the external symptoms later on). When I was focussing on some silly small hats, two schoolboys looking for a bit of fun, offered to pose for a portrait photo. Here is the result. We had a good laugh, I can tell you that! And what’s more, just the incentive I needed to continue trying to capture people.

2 thoughts on “Friday people

  1. Thank you for your comment! At first I was a bit embarrassed sitting there with my camera taking pictures in a full market place. But I’m glad I did it; maybe next time it will be easier. Do you do street photography?


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