Garden surprises

Last autumn my husband gave me some impressive looking bulbs for my flower border, as he likes Fritillaria so much. Well, the montana type. So he was rather alarmed when he saw what came up a few weeks ago. He never noticed the name of the flower on the package: Fritillaria imperialis. No wonder it grew so big! The flowers have sparkling colours, yellow and orange, and after all fit well with the other plants.

On the other side of the garden grows a plant that is quite the opposite: very fine leaves and exquisite, tiny flowers that look quite delicate. This is the Akebia quinata. In New Zealand it is considered as an ‘unwanted organism’ because it has the reputation to be invasive. In Japanese literature, on the other hand, it is evocative of pastoral settings (according to Wikipedia). I tend to agree with the latter.

In response to Garden Photography Challenge: April – Macro / close-up. Go and have a look at other garden beauties.


6 thoughts on “Garden surprises

  1. I know those Fritillaria well, they are very impressive and you have a great shot of them from underneath which can be tricky! And I love the Akebia quinata – such a beautiful colour! What a shame it is considered to be invasive. I wonder if it grows here in the UK? I shall have to investigate. Thanks for joining the challenge. Lovely to meet you 🙂


    • Thank you! Our Akebia grows on and through a pergola we share with the neighbors and therefore is easy to control. Which we do not, as we love the exuberant growth.
      Hopefully I can join in on more occasions. I love to stroll through the garden and make photos of all the things that make me happy. The blossoms of the pear tree, for example, are lovely at the moment, so I fear the worst for them because of the weather forecast: wind, rain, hail, maybe snow…


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