Hurry, the train is leaving!


IMG_2165 (1)

A few days ago when I was waiting for my train, an earlier train closed its doors and was ready to depart. Then I thought: ‘Hey, doors!’ So I quickly took this photo of a not so pretty but very useful door full of information for the traveller. The reflections in the windows give you a glimpse of the station.

To bide my time I walked up and down the station and saw another door where people slip through after having paid some 0,50 Euros, also in a hurry sometimes. I suppose the purpose of the bulb fields is to make the entry a bit more attractive, but the toilet door is still rather ugly. But if you are in a hurry, you have some wonderful luck, the green light is on!


My Thursday Doors for this week. Look here for more inspiring specimens.


6 thoughts on “Hurry, the train is leaving!

    • Well, actually we are not thrilled either. Being Dutch so wanting to get everything cheap, or better still for free, we have devised a trick. When we are with a group of women, the first one pays and holds the door open for the next one to enter for free, and so on. Secretly I am always afraid that this system doesn’t work and that I cannot get out again. Never happened so far…

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