Polder view

IMG_2297 (2)

Flat, wide, open, that is the landscape of the island of Dordrecht. It consists of a collection of polders (drained marshes in this case), the last of which was created a century ago. The view over these lands is never the same, as it changes according to the weather, the time of day or the season.

This is the perfect place to go and take a ride on my bike, provided that the wind is not too fierce. But to take an appealing photo, that is a different matter altogether. So when the Weekly Photo Challenge said ‘landscape‘, I thought it was a good opportunity to give it another go.

I looked for strong lines (long rows of trees) and a curve (more or less) that leads the eye to an object on the horizon. This is the result: a photo of farming land that is being prepared for the sowing of grain, the trail ends at the farm. The heavy clay does not have a strong colour, that is why I preferred the black and white version. What do you think?

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