Where oh where is my bike?


Finding a parking place for your car can be rather difficult, but finding a place to park your bicycle can be even more complicated. Although the ultimate challenge is to retrieve it.

Every train station has a parking lot for bicycles, so does Dordrecht. More than once after having returned from a trip, I am looking around frenziedly in order to find my bike. Did I park it on the left? No, that was yesterday. Then it must be in this row. Just when I start to think: ‘It’s been stolen! It’s been stolen!’, I catch sight of my two-wheeled friend waiting for me patiently in the same spot where I had left it that morning.

The parking lot of Amsterdam Central Station excels all the others in size. As space is scarce and expensive, the town hall decided to erect a parking lot with different floors. Just as in a garage, the floors have numbers hoping this helps you to find back your bike. The amount of bicycles is enormous. Above and below a few photos to give you an idea of this construction.

Inspired by Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Alleys, Driveways, Parking Lots, Dirt.


15 thoughts on “Where oh where is my bike?

    • Thank you, Jane. It was rather difficult to take some interesting photos, besides that the weather was gray and rain was threatening. Glad you like them. I thought up the title because I imagined myself having to retrieve my bike in that (seemingly) chaos.


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