Apricot jam


A toast with homemade jam, I love that! In our house there are always a couple of jars available, as making jam is one of my hobbies. So easy to prepare, just fruit and sugar, no additives nor colorants or other stuff the industry puts into it. Delicious!

One morning the sun poured into the living room and highlighted this jar of apricot jam, made from homegrown apricots. The structure of the jam was very clear and the reflections on the jar made the adornment visible. It looked so yummy that I quickly grabbed my camera and took this photo. I think it fits nicely into Sylvain’s SL-Week 35 Cook

One more thing, if you have a success recipe for making jam, I would be delighted if you could share it by commenting on this picture. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Apricot jam

  1. Thank you, Sylvain. It was a spontaneous photo that turned out rather well. Just proves that you have to shoot pictures whenever you feel like it, because they may give you a nice surprise.


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