Ready for spring


Today I have been hunting some outdoor seatings, a prompt of Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge. It was a dreary day, grey with some drizzle now and then. Not the ideal moment to sit on the pavement and have a coffee break. Probably the thought everybody else had, but the catering industry stayed optimistic and had taken out their chairs, just in case.

One of the things that I like in the photo is the repetition of the circles (which I only noticed when I had uploaded them). The round form of the tables has its counterpart in the pattern of the paving bricks that are reputedly special Portuguese specimens.

This is the Scheffersplein in the centre of Dordrecht, named after Ary Scheffer, the Dutch-French Romantic painter who was born here and who was hounored with a statue in 1862. The funny thing is that this square actually is a bridge, as you can see on the right where you can glimpse the railing. In summer round-trip boats pass under this bridge, so that tourists can admire its wrought iron adornments. Good for more photos!


5 thoughts on “Ready for spring

  1. Lovely how you have noticed the curves of the chairs echoing the curves of the cobbles. I love to find shots like this. I like your photography and your catchy blog name 🙂


    • Thanks, Jude. That is what I like about photography, that I have started to notice details that escaped me before, although I have always loved to look for lines and patterns.
      The blog name is thanks to the blog course of WordPress Blog 101. I was not entirely satisfied with ‘Carpe Diem’, too general, so I looked for a more personal title. And for me photography and smiles go together, it is such an inspiring hobby that gives me a lot of energy!

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