Barber’s shop: Closed


Strolling through the old centre of La Pobla de Segur  (Pallars Jussà, Catalonia) we found some interesting modernist buildings (stay tuned for those photos). They have style, but this covered passage in one of the narrow streets had atmosphere. Sadly a few shops were closed, like this barber’s shop. On the other hand, it gave me a great opportunity to take some picturesque photos.

Contribution to Thursday Doors, an initiative of Norman Frampton.


4 thoughts on “Barber’s shop: Closed

  1. Nice one. Thanks for joining us this week. That’s a unique location for a shop though – I wonder if they rely on repeat business or if there’s enough foot traffic there to attract new customers.


    • Probably the barber’s shop has shut down for an indefinite period. Many times the owners have given up their business because of their pension or lack of successors. Others are not interested because the building is dilapidated, not a monument and therefore no financial help from the state, etc. So this street gets worse, if the local government does not act.

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