Dancing the sardana

The sardana is a circle dance that belongs to the cultural heritage of Catalonia. Although the steps seem easy to make, the pattern to follow is quite intricate. Usually an experimented dancer counts the notes of music played by the cobla, the  traditional orchestra, and leads the dance.

The beauty of the sardana is that it can be danced by young and old, and that you can freely join the circle at any moment if you want to take part in the fun. During local or national festivities these circles start spontaneously when the cobla begins to play and often the circle widens and widens or several circles are being made.

When we were in Sant Julià de Cerdanyola (Berguedà) on the local saint’s day, the sardana was danced on the small central square. This photo shows how one of the steps is made, you can see the linked hands and the raised arms reflected in the shadows. The clothes and shoes testify that the dance unites people of every age and nature.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Dance


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