The boy and the lion


After having wandered through the city for a couple of hours looking for blues, I decided to call it a day and return home: it was my turn to prepare dinner.

Just as I was briskly walking back to the shelter where I had left my bicycle, I noticed something blue moving in the corner of my eye. Then I saw this red-haired blue boy descending the steps of the town hall. Perfect! But quick action was called for, so there was no way I could study the rule of thirds, point of view, light, etc. The situation only gave me time for a rapid ‘click’. And you know what, I was quite satisfied.

Apart from the blue element, I like the contrast of the small boy and the big building (part medieval, part neoclassic) with its thick pillars. And of course, the impressive lion that looks very confident (is he even smiling?) and the boy who seems rather intimidated (the building, the steps, the lion?), or is he just shy or does the sun bother him? Anyway, he seems quite vulnerable in these surroundings.

Photo101: A Pop of Colour


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