Reflections of Amsterdam


Haarlemmerstraat, Amsterdam

A few weeks ago I invited my nieces to an high tea to celebrate my birthday. As all three of them live in Amsterdam, that city was the obvious choice for the party. As a venue I choose the Bakkerswinkel in the western part of the town.

Last year I had been there in my role as interpreter Spanish-Dutch for a private party. Alas, as an interpreter you have to talk all the time, so I saw all those luscious cakes and sandwiches disappear into the mouths of my clients without being able to take a bite myself. When I left the building, I promised myself that one day I would return  and enjoy those dainties at my leisure.

When I arrived at the Central Station, I took the Haarlemmerstraat to get to my destination. This is a long street full of small shops (at least most of them are small), coffee shops (where you are not supposed to order coffee) and cafés (where I did order some).

But I was especially fascinated by the old house fronts surrounding me. Looking up I saw the most intriguing details which are difficult to catch with the camera. The windows helped me on this one, so I looked for nice façades as well as reflections that showed the splendour of the other buildings. What do you think?

Contribution to Monday Window.


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