Souvenir of a love


It was a foggy morning and the view from the vantage point at the Falgars and its sanctuary  (La Pobla de Lillet, Catalonia) that usually is breathtaking, was almost non-existent.

The fog was dense, which gave the spot a secluded atmosphere. I walked around to see if I could get some nice pictures when I came upon this tiny bouquet of wild flowers. They were bound together with a lace on which names and a dates were scribbled.

This find started my imagination running wild and I immediately thought of a couple in love. Or maybe it was my romantic disposition hoping that the flowers were fastened by two people deeply in love who wanted to leave a souvenir of their precious moments on that viewpoint. Then I recalled my first date with my husband in 1980 in more prosaic circumstances and smiled.

Contribution to the Weekly Photo Challenge ‘One Love‘.


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