What the heck are you doing down there?

IMG_2145 (1)

Meet Joseph, the tomcat

Big, that was the first impression we had from Joseph when we met him in the asylum. According to his carer, he had had a traumatic past of beatings and abandonment. Honestly speaking we were a bit daunted by his stature, but when those expressive eyes looked at us pleadingly, we were sold.

Now, after two years and a lot of TLC, he has got back his confidence, is very cheeky (secretly we love that) and very active. When he is not satisfied with the food he has on his platter, or when he wants more, he jumps on the microwave where he makes a nuisance of himself till we give in.

This morning when he did that again I suddenly saw an opportunity to take that photo of something big from an unusual point of view (Photo 101): Joseph on the oven and me crouched on the floor. The only thing was that he refused to look at me (troublesome cat), so it took me several shots until I could take this picture.


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