Window (Osor, Catalonia)


Last year we spent part of our holidays in the village of Osor (La Selva), where we had rented a charming house named El Lilà (The Lilac). From this loft we made several trips to other villages nearby and a lot of hiking tours through the mountains.

One day we decided to stay at home and do a photography session in Osor. So we took pictures of medieval houses, the ancient bridge, the river, the old shops, etc.

On our walk through the small alleys this window attracted my attention. Not only because of the plants (a couple of them plastic), but also because of the small paintings that intrigued me. Maybe I should have called at the house and talk to the inhabitants to satisfy my curiosity. Too shy…

My contribution to Monday Window this week.


9 thoughts on “Window (Osor, Catalonia)

  1. A charming window. I love the art on the sill.

    Welcome to Monday Window! Looking in, at, and out of windows is a wonderful way to share our worlds as well as what is inside ourselves. Thank you for joining this journey.


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