Elusiveness trapped

Versie 2

Time is elusive and difficult to trap. But moving shadows reveal its existence and you have to move quickly in order to get the picture right, because in some moments it will have changed.

I love the magic of shadows, not only because of its time aspect, but also because of the artistic creations on walls, streets, sidewalks, etc. On one of my walks through the historic centre of my hometown I happened to look backwards into an alley and saw these shadows on a centuries old wall. No way that I could walk on without taking some photos.


3 thoughts on “Elusiveness trapped

  1. Shadows and time. Never thought of that, and it’s very enlightening to know. Shadows change with each hour of the day and let us know what’s around us, especially what’s behind our backs if we’re looking carefully at our surroundings 🙂

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