Orange and blue

Versie 2

Twice a year my sister and I leave things as they are and go out together on a city trip. Nothing fancy, just to one of the cities in the Netherlands we have not been before. We do our bit of sightseeing, but I must admit that we spend most of the time catching up behind a cup of coffee or tea and some sweets.

Our last trip was to Den Bosch, a city full of monuments with a colourful, modern station, very cheerful on a grey day. I took this picture because I liked the different scenes. First the stairs with the travellers arriving in the city, then the orange and blue where you can still see the square in front of the station with people walking around and at the top a glimpse of one of the historic buildings.

By the way, the white letters on the coloured screen say ‘Oeteldonk’, the nickname of Den Bosch during Carnival, beginning around this time.


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